Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun with Aaron

Today we met up with Aaron, his older brother Luke, and his mom. We went to "story time" at the Central Library, which actually turned out to be the movie Ratatouille. We left a little early and looked at some books before heading over to Center City Park for a picnic and some running around by the fountains.

The first thing Skylar showed Aaron was her band-aids on her foot that she got yesterday. Priorities here.

Skylar didn't want her picture taken here for some reason...
After we ate, Aaron and Luke ran around under the fountains for a little bit before we realized they weren't supposed to do that. Skylar would have joined in if I had brought her cast cover and Grey was too engrossed in the extra food to care at that point.
Then he got out and ran around a little bit, but kept wanting to just get in the fountain. Luke showed him how to splash in the puddles and he thought that was hilarious.
Aaron wanted some more yogurt, so he and Skylar chilled in the stroller while he ate.
Grey was still trying to figure out how to get in the fountain...

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