Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pittbaby update and potty training

Skylar is now "officially" potty training! She has known how to use the potty, wipe, flush and wash hands for many months now; has used the potty consistently at night for a several weeks; and has had the occasional successful potty trip at random times throughout the day for a while. However, after lots of searching, I finally decided on which potty training pants to use and we just got them two days ago. Skylar doesn't like it when we refer to them as her "big girl" panties b/c she wants to be the baby, but she likes it when we refer to them as the same as mommy's panties. She has had a couple of accidents in them and will look down and say, "where biper?" She looks sooo cute in them!

Now we just need to work on her stripping down nekked, especially at night, so that she doesn't have any more accidents... Or incidents like the other day at naptime when she had a BM and tried to clean it up herself. She was so proud of herself...

And here is the latest sonogram photo of pittbaby! If you look at it sideways, you can see a profile of the pittbaby's face with the ultra chunky cheeks! My midwife was concerned about how baby would grow with the two-vessel cord, however now they are concerned about how much pittbaby has grown! Our little chunker is weighing in at 3lbs. already, putting pittbaby in the 86th percentile for weight. If it stays in the same percentile, we are looking at a 9lb.-er! So now, instead of more ultrasounds checking for pittbaby's growth, we are now going to have constant ultrasounds checking to make sure pittbaby isn't getting too big!
As for me- I have started getting pretty uncomfortable these last few weeks. I have the most trouble getting up and down the stairs at work multiple times per day, because I am inevitably out of breath by the time I get to the top. I have also started on the diabetic diet as of Tuesday a week ago. So far, it hasn't been that hard, I am kind of testing things to see what I can get away with- however my blood sugar is consistently high every morning for my fasting test. I talked the my midwife about it and she suggested eating a later snack before bed and keep her updated. If we can't get it to come down to normal range, then I will have to start medicine. The last thing I want right now is to take insulin or anything else, but I can't control what my body does naturally. If my sugars were high b/c of what I ate, I can control my carb intake better, or exercise more; but I don't have much control over my fasting sugars.

On another note, I have started swelling in my hands, ankles and feet, especially after school. In fact, I waited a little too long to take my wedding rings off and after days of trying many different tricks, I ended up having to get my wedding band cut off. Perhaps this just means that Ken will have to buy me the matching band to go with my engagement ring?? Or perhaps I'm just wishful thinking? Much more likely...