Saturday, April 2, 2011

Small victories are huge bounds

We reached a huge milestone, or breached a major road block, (whichever suits you best) this past week. ...

Skylar actually talked to her teachers on purpose. She has slipped out a few words here and there in the past at times when she doesn't think they are listening, or when it is just a second nature decision to answer a question and she didn't remind herself in time that she is supposed to be mute. Wow, that was a run-on sentence.

But, on Thursday, Skylar actually responded to her teachers and answered some question(s) about colors! At least, I think that is what it was. When Ken called me, all ecstatic, after picking Skylar up from preschool, this was our conversation:
Ken: "Skylar talked to her teachers today!"
Me: "Really! Yay, what did she say?"
Ken: "I don't know, something about naming her colors. We're on our way to McDonalds for Burber-fries and sliding."
Me: "Awesome!"

Sometimes its like pulling teeth I tell 'ya.

N-E ways, so we were really excited about that, and so is Skylar. She and I pretty much had a verbatim conversation when I got home from work on Thursday. Although she did happen to add in there that she took school pictures on Thursday and all the other kids got to bring in their animals and babies.

I forgot. Doh! I am so not good at this mom thing. I couldn't even tell you what she was wearing on Thursday...

Skylar has since been arranging objects all over our house and telling me she needs to pose with those said objects while I take her picture. It's like she wants me to feel really, really bad about forgetting her school pictures on Thursday.

BUT, moving onto better and brighter topics!

Like I mentioned before, Skylar is currently playing on a pee-wee soccer team and I am coaching. It's actually been pretty fun, although we are consistently the "worst" team each week. We don't actually keep score, and let me tell ya, that is a good thing.

I'm sure I wont be asked to coach again next fall.

But, I thought I would show you a few pictures...

Here is the team at practice, stretching our arms. Skylar chooses not to participate in stretching activities.
This is before our game today, Skylar was practicing her goal shots.
And then she remembered that she is supposed to be anti-social, so she decided to take herself off to the wild, wild wonder. She's pretty cute though, right! Seriously though, where is she going?
Here we are about to kick off! See the orange and blue ball? Well, Skylar thinks that is her ball and has decided that if she is going to play in the game, we have to use that ball.
Notice the hand holding? She literally will not move unless I am holding her hand. And even then she still wont move most of the time.
Notice the two kids in the background? Looks like they are about to go at it! Not sure how I missed this!
I like this shot b/c it really shows why we are the worst team... one of my players wont move (Skylar), the other one is doing ninja moves there to her right. And then the other girl in while is practicing her interpretive dance.
But wait, is that Skylar running? On her own? Towards the ball and not the sideline? (That is what all of the other parents were thinking. And some said out loud to me.)
Oh yea baby!!
And, now she thinks she is the schtuff!
Aaaand, then she remembered she was supposed to be anti-social and took herself off to the wild, wild wonder again. But don't fret, all it took was the offer of chocolate cookies and a juice box to bring her back! (Of course, not with a thank you though... that would be asking too much.)