Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pool Time!

So, we bought our season passes to Wet'nWild just a few weeks ago and have been once, with plans to go many more times over this summer! We also hit up the in-laws community pool a couple of times as well…. and I'm so thankful we did!

Hopefully, I can find a swimming cast cover at a medical supply store tomorrow, or else our days of swimming this summer are not only limited- they are over. :(

Here are a few pics that Ken took while we were at the in-laws pool…

Skylar and her friend-for-the-day were amazed by the frog we found swimming in the pool.
She was so much braver this year- already sticking her head under water and loving it!
Grey was not so sure about all that water. Or sunlight. Yes, if you give him sunglasses, he will wear them constantly while outside.
Ken was busy, busy pulling Skylar and her friend around the pool.
This is what happens when Grey trips and tries to catch himself with his hands… doesn't quite work. He's done this twice now!

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