Thursday, April 16, 2009

Victory over The Dress!

After working on this dress for three months (on and off), I finally finished it last night!!  After receiving a sewing machine for Christmas from hubby, I have made some crayon rolls, a bumper pad for Skylar's crib, a pillow case for her toddler-size pillow, and now, a dress!  The dress was by far the hardest thing to make and was actually a pretty sophisticated pattern. Needless to say, I was grateful for Ken's mom and granny for offering up advise and hands-on help! 
Here is the full-length.
The top- you can see the ruffles that cross over the front and the little sleeves (they were the devil!)
The gords in the skirt help it stand out. (Skylar is doing her version on Marilyn...)

And the back!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Skylar is 18-months-old!

It's official- Skylar is 18-months-old today!  So now we are going to get serious about getting rid of froggy, potty training, eating vegetables!, and sleeping in a big girl bed!

Below are some pictures from the big Easter dinner we had tonight while Ken's grandparents and brother and his family were in town. We hid some eggs and had a big hunt in the backyard and then had a nice dinner. We found some of the prettiest flowers in the yard to decorate the table with. 

On another note, in order to celebrate Skylar's 18 months of life, we (Ken's mother, grandmother and I) spent many hours last night and more today working on a special cake for her. After one failed attempt and one misplaced cake, we finally created a wonderful lamby for her to sink her chompers into!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hunting for eggs!

Huntin eggs at the Easter festival at Willomore this past Saturday. It was Skylar's first Easter celebration/egg hunt. At first she didn't seem to get the idea and Daddy had to show her to pick up the eggs and put them in her basket, but eventually she caught on.

Here is Skylar hunting eggs in the backyard.
Daddy was hunting baby kisses!

When we tried to put the eggs back out for her to "hunt" them again, she ran around behind us saying "no, no, no!" as she quickly tried to put the eggs we had already laid out back in the bucket. 

In reverse order: Skylar's first attempt at dyeing Easter eggs!  She was an excellent marksman and loved slamming the eggs into the coloring cups. There was color dye everywhere! Can you guess which eggs Skylar decorated?  I think she did the bunny in the back there...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A new way to entertain Skylar and walk the dogs...

I love warm weather!

The obligatory crack shot.
Look at Sammy's tongue!