Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lazy Spring

You can really tell that it is springtime around here.  There are buggies galore, the kids are loving riding their bikes in the street with our neighbor's kids, and I find little mushed up dandelion weeds in the bottom of the washer every time I wash a load of the kids clothes. 

Oh, and we seem to have a nest of birds living in the top of our chimney.  You can hear them flapping their wings against the spout and it makes a really loud vibrating sound.  Grey is terrified of that sound, but pretends to be a brave boy when he hears the birds chirping. As he inches closer to mama's lap. 

Skylar loves finding caterpillars and routinely I find them in my house.  She will tell me after the fact that she brought one in and put it in one of my plants so it could be her pet. I can't ever seem to find them on the plant though, but have found them (some dead and some alive) on the floor when I sweep.

 And this little guy was fun to see- this was a strawberry plant that I planted last year that never grew.  I have been a little lazy and just left the planter sitting on the porch all winter and guess who surprised us a few weeks ago!  Now, if only I knew what to do with it now…
Sometimes it does pay to be lazy!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Our garden

After our gardening adventures last summer, Skylar and I have been wanting to do a garden of our own.  However, we tried to plant a few things in the ground last year and they all died.  We have very little space that gets good sunlight thanks to all of the trees in our yard, and there is nothing but red clay there.  So, we got a raised garden system at Home Depot the other week and put it together.  

The kids had a blast playing in the dirt before we put the plants/seeds in.  Grey still asks to go outside in the dirt, just about everyday. 

When Grey saw this picture of himself, the started giggling and wanted me to show it to him over and over again.  He would laugh and say dirty hair time and again. 

Being new to this whole gardening thing, I wasn't sure what was the best way to grow things, so I got a couple of starter plants and a few packets of seeds.  Two of the three plants are still looking good and growing bigger.  One looks about dead.  Grey broke a few stems on it after we got it in the ground.

Skylar planted the carrots and she's really excited to see those grow.  Please, oh please, grow little carrots!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


At Skylar's soccer game the other day, she scored her first goal! It was so unexpected, that I didn't even think to try to capture it on film, but I did get a few photos of her. This is her sitting on the team blanket. The boys in front were really excited to get their picture taken!
When it was her turn to play, Sophia and her started out by holding hands again, but with just a little direction, they were both off trying to kick the ball!
Here's Skylar getting ready to kick it off. She then followed the kick by chasing after the ball!
Look at my girl go! She did great, even after the taller dark-haired boy pushed her down once to get the ball. Yes, yes he is on her team. Sigh. They are so young to start that.

She was so proud of herself too!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Ken's grandparents, brother and sister-in-law came up for the Easter weekend and the kids were so excited. They love to spend time with all of them.

They got to shoot a BB gun with Dad and Bill:

Ken got his first gun when he was three, so I guess we are a little behind. Going to be even further behind…
They got to eat popsicles (their new favorite obsession) on the deck:

And the adults got to spend some quality time with floppy head. I mean Wes.
They got to "fish" in the lake. Grey's idea of fishing involves throwing lots of corn into the lake. Skylar likes to look for worms and reel in the fish after Papa catches them.

And they got to see the horses and pony.
It was a great weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter fun

This year, Aaron's mom and I were in charge of the Easter party at Skylar's school. She took care of most of the food and I did Easter egg rice krispy treats with little m&m's hidden inside and handprint lambs for a craft. The kids liked their "surprise" inside the rice krispy eggs. Afterwards the kids did a little Easter egg hunt. So cute!
On Saturday, we went to my granny's church where they played games and had an Easter egg hunt. Grey got to go out first since he was younger, but he only got to the first little section before he bigger kids started out (1-4 range). Needless to say, he only got three eggs! Skylar did a little better with 7 eggs and they both were proud of themselves.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A few random pics

Everyday after tubby-time, the kids like to run around in the towels to air dry. They run the length of the upstairs yelling in their best superhero voices with their "capes" on their heads. Part of the ritual includes running into the baby's room to check him out in the crib. And of course that leads to trying to climb into the crib with him. Which leads to swinging from the front of the crib while yelling, "hi baby Ves!"
Baby "ves" has dark blue eyes now… wonder what they will be later? "Ves" also has really sensitive skin apparently and breaks out like crazy when subjected to temps above 72.
Skylar and Grey both adore Wes and spend a lot of time during the day giving him kisses all over his face (might also be another culprit of his breakouts). Wes is okay with all this lovin' to a certain degree before he begins to yell at them.
It's almost like a challenge to each other- if one of them gives him a kiss, the other must immediately do the same or they lose that round. I think Wes prefers Skylar's kisses because Grey tends to use Wes' belly as prop when he goes in for the kiss (always on the lips) and Wes does not enjoy all that extra weight on his midsection.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My bubbles!

Anyone else ever reminded of the little crab thingy in Finding Nemo that was obsessed with bubbbles anytime you hear the word?

Well, these kiddos (mainly Grey) are also obsessed with bubbles. Really, really obsessed. We might start thinking about therapy if it doesn't get any better.

Or invest in bubble stuff.

I'm not totally sure what is going on in this picture, but thought it was funny. And good for blackmail one day!
And this one? Is he blowing a bubble towards himself??
And here is his interpretation of bubble blowing…
Don't you just love his sweet little posture here?

While Grey is the ultimate bubble blower, Skylar is the queen of bubble popping!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Wowza, I was huge.

Note to self: Look back at these pics next time you miss being pregnant; want a newborn; etc.