Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some family pics

The other night we went to Granny's house to see my brother and his family. You've met "Shine" from previous posts, but there is also Caleb and JJ (clockwise below).
Notice how the girls are both smiling and the boys are both making faces. Unplanned.
Doing summersaults!
A copycat series...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aftynne's Baby Shower

A friend of mine from work is due on the 25th with her first baby- a little girl name Mackenzie! She is a trouper- considering that she is one of the PE coaches and works in a gym with no air conditioning! Can you imagine!?! I'm super excited to hear about her labor/delivery and have enjoyed seeing her growing belly these past few months and following along with her on her blog! She is great at updating pics of herself and make me more determined to get some cute maternity pics this time around!

For her shower, I made a diaper cake- the first one I've ever made- from instructions off the internet. My plan was to get my mom to help me since she has done several and they've always looked great- but she was sick and was afraid to pass anything along to me! Even w/o her help, I'm pretty excited about how it turned out!

Here is the whole gang who showed up for the shower at Mimi's in Friendly. They have GREAT food!
Tricia was the planner of the event and made this super cute bunny for Aftynne!
The cake- super yummy!
And of course, the mom-t0-be, looking great!

Pittbaby Ultrasound!

Last Friday I had my first ultrasound of Pittbaby! I was so excited and so nervous about this! I've been seriously worried that something was terribly wrong this go around. I mean, we have such a wonderful, perfect daughter, how could we get so lucky next time? And being surrounded by other children who weren't so lucky everyday? I'm constantly aware of how frequently it happens.

So we had our ultrasound and got to see pittbaby; however, there is one issue that will need further observation in the future. Instead of having an umbilical cord with 3 vessels, mine only has two- an anomaly that sometimes happens during development. Basically, this means that the baby might not get enough nutrients through the cord as it will need. Nothing to worry about now, but will definitely want to keep an eye on it in the future. As for me right now, it means that I get at least two more ultrasounds!

They also took blood for genetic testing and are going to check my blood sugar to make sure it is normal since I had diabetes last time. They will probably check this each visit from now on.

Without further comment, here are the pics:
The first is a 3-D pic of our little monkey- don't be alarmed- pittbaby just hasn't started developing any fat yet! You can see the profile of the baby with it's legs sticking up by it's head! At one point, pittbaby even started playing with it's toes- so cute!
Regular image of the same thing.
Little feet!
Little fingers- nice enough to spread them wide for us! I don't know about you, but they look long to me!

UNC vs. Citadel

Part of my birthday present from the in-laws were two tix to the first Carolina football game of the season!! I was SO excited- being close enough to go to some football and basketball games was another huge selling point for moving back to NC! We had great tix from some of the shareholders in my FIL company- at the 50 yard line, half-way up the bottom level!
One great surprise!?! They invited all of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Champs team out on the field during halftime to award them with the championship rings!
I was surrounded by Carolina blue- it was heaven! We also walked through Tarheel town and ate at Sakura- one of our favorite jaunts of CH!

Oh how I miss being a student with free tix sometimes!

Washing Daddy's paperweight... I mean car...

After sitting in the driveway doing nothing but holding down the concrete and leaves, Ken finally got his replacement title and tags for his car. The next step was the clean it up. He started with a leaf blower, inside and out...

After that it was time to wash the outside! Of course, Skylar helped and this was the scene that I came home to the other day from work.
Of course, she had to get daddy a little wet- it wouldn't be fun without that!
She's such a good helper!
And happy to do so!
Look- she even gets all the details!
So cute! It would have been even better if Ken had looked up!

Labor Day part II- everyone else- well almost!

Starting out with miss Aimee Cow- she has some of the cutest expressions- trust me she is all attitude, especially for the littlest one in the bunch!
Drawing with Mommy- I seriously have a shortage of pics of Aims with her mom- most of my pics of her are with Granny...
Skylar teasing (I mean playing) with Aimee while she is in the playpen. However, Aimee is still super excited!
The next few are of Micael and Nikki- some of my fav. pics of them ever!
Couldn't decide which one of these I liked best.
OMG! I could take pics of him FOREVER!
Excuse the random cow pic- I couldn't resist. They totally ruined my appetite that day. :( They were in the field across the street- way too close for comfort.
I LOVE this pic!
And of course, I had to throw in a few more of Sky- She loves in when daddy plays rough with her!

The higher the better! And dang, that is some serious height there!
See- I told ya, most of my pics are of Granny and Aims- and she can't even truly appreciate it since she doesn't have a computer.
One thing about this family- we make CUTE babies!
Austin trying to get Nikki wet- love his face here!

Labor Day Weekend- aka, playing with Bella :)

Ok, this post has a lot of pics, but there were just too many to choose from! And sadly, I only chose from the ones that had both Skylar and Bella in them! I will have to post another blog with pics from the rest of the fam, cuz I'm super excited about some of them!

One of the major reasons why Ken and I decided to pack up and move to Greensboro from Nashville last year was to be closer to family. I group up with all of my family in the same city and was very close to my cousins, so this post especially makes my heart glad! :)

Here are Austin, Bella and Skylar laying on Bella's bed together! Does Skylar look a little more excited than the rest of the group??
Jumpin' on the bed... Don't tell Mommy!
So cute! Bella and Skylar decided to lay down on the floor in front of a large pic of Aimee (no this is just a pic) and kept pointing to it, talking about it and giving her kisses! I can't wait for Aims to get a little bigger so she can run around with them too!
One of Sky's favorite games is to bring alot of toys over one at a time to uncle Joel (who is back in Nashville at school). So, her and Bella adapted this game for Daddy- you can tell how excited he is!
Eating lunch together at the little picnic table.
Swingin' on the swings- I love that this came out mostly in focus! Do you know how hard it is to get a good pick when she is on the swings!
Bella was a great slider! I would've gotten a pic of Sky coming off the slide, except she was not nearly as graceful...
Haha- too funny! Love the attitude!
Splashin' in the pool.

Sky is evidently a very bossy friend... She was constantly telling Bella what to do, including making her go put on a ring.
Pouring water from the pool into the sink in the playhouse.
Getting the water out of the pool.