Friday, July 1, 2011

Beach music in the park

The other night, Ken had a social media meeting to go to, so I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take the kids to Beach Music in the Park at Festival Park downtown. It was crazy packed, but lots of fun. One of the downsides of Skylar having to wear a cast now is that I have to use the double stroller when I take both kids anywhere. Grey just isn't old enough to walk on his own most places- especially not to something like this. And we had quite a time maneuvering around all of these people in the double Bob!

We paid a cover charge to get in, but then all of the downtown restaurants set up booths with free food samples, so we ate well! The kids had a blast! We found an out-of-the-way spot by the bouncy house to eat our dinner and listen to the band. Grey was a dancing machine, and Skylar was boogieing her little shoulders all night.

The band was Sleeping Booty and I was actually impressed. After we ate and played for a while, we drove the Bob around to the other side of the crowd so Skylar could see the band and ended up right beside the stage, so they both got a front-row view of everything.

Grey would run around dancing and then flop down on his pillow and stick his thumb in his mouth for a second before hopping back up again.
But I knew it was time to leave when he couldn't bring himself to let go of the pillow again!
Two tired kiddos.
It is ridiculously hard to get a good picture of Grey when he is dancing. But basically, he stomps his feet, wiggles his arms around and claps. Sometimes he will throw in a squat or two.
Skylar enjoyed the music, but had to stay on the blanket the whole time because the grass was pretty wet.
Whoa buddy.
I think Grey is learning a little too much from Skylar...

Here he is clapping...

And this is the, "I'm not totally sure if it is okay that I'm doing this, but I'm gonna do it anyway" look.
Skylar was in another one of her, "don't take my picture" moods.
I think Grey got a glimpse of the ball being tossed around here. And notice the marks on the side of his face? This is what happens when I accidentally leave Skylar's travel art desk with dry erase crayons within her reach in the backseat. I should have known she was being too quiet.

I love this next series. It really highlights what I go through during most car rides lately.

First: Grey has bag of chips. Happy boy.
Second: Skylar sees bag of chips. Wants whatever Grey has. Steals first chip.
Third: Grey is keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn't get another chip.
Fourth: Grey gets distracted by the balloons. Happens to the best of us buddy.
Fifth: Skylar makes her move. Grey begins the "shriek at the top of his lungs" death yell.
Sixth: Skylar enjoys his torment. Also joins in "shriek at the top of her lungs" death yell.
Scene continues until chips are all gone or Grey bites Skylar's arm. This has happened twice now.

Skylar's relaxing on the blanket.
Grey really wanted a balloon. He tried to sneak over there several times.
Just checkin' to see if you were watchin' mom.

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