Friday, April 30, 2010

Grey + Mackenzy = stud muffin + cougar... :)

Yesterday I met a friend from school at the park so I could take some pictures of her little girl for practice. Mackenzy is so adorable, she was a very easy subject... basically every picture of her is cute and there is a lot of the "aww" factor going on! My mom met me at the park and dropped Grey off for me and so Mackenzy and Grey got to hang out for a little while and it was love at first drool. So cute! Grey couldn't stop smiling his large goofy grin and Mackenzy was enthralled with a younger baby (I can't really say smaller even though she is four months older than Grey) and wanted to hold his hand. I love the pics!

Note: She was very into both her hands and Grey's. When we put him down on the blanket, he couldn't open his eyes due to the sun, but was still grinning like a fool. :)
Ahh, I love that smile :) There is one of me like that as a baby, except that everyone called me a bird b/c I was a super skinny little baby with this huge mouth!
And the rest are some of the ones I got of Mackenzy- it was hard to narrow it down, so I probably put too many on here.
She loved being up in the air!
Sweet baby kisses :)

I could take pictures of her all day :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Grey Pics :)

Well, Grey is almost 3 months old- gasp! The time has flown by so quickly- even more so than with Skylar it seems. He is over his colic phase thank goodness; so I get to see more of him when he is happy. He is typically an easy baby, mornings are his happiest time of day, but he rarely just cries for no reason anymore. He is eating well, although I wish he would eat more when he eats from a bottle. He is still only drinking 3.5-5 oz. a time, when he should be up to 5 oz. by now. Although I bet when he nurses he gets much more than that, cuz he does have a few rolls on him.
He sleeps great. He typically takes 3 naps a day and sleeps from about 7:30 pm- 7:00 am, waking up once or twice on a bad night. He has slept all night for me a couple of times- and I can't wait for that to be a constant thing!

We are still getting settled into the new house- but its getting there. His room is mostly finished- I just have to figure out what/where I am putting stuff up on the walls and I would like to organize his closet a bit better. But here is a picture of his bedding that I designed and ordered off of Etsy:

Here are some more pics of Grey... notice how hard it is to get one of just him...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farts ARE funny!

The other day I was driving and saw this on a bumper sticker, "Farts are funny." This is sooo true, especially if you are me. :) They make me laugh every.single.time.

It made me think of many of the different things that Skylar says/does and how she is just like me- we both think that bodily functions are funny stuff. A few weeks ago, I was asking Skylar if she needed to go potty and she said yes, but instead of going over to the potty, she squatted where she was and said, "pssss" and then threw her butt up in the air behind her and said, "bomp". I'm sure you can guess what she was referring to. :) Of course I thought this was hilarious and laughed, giving her the all-clear to do this ALL the time. She doesn't even do the accompanying motions all the time, however they do add a little extra "spice" if you know what I mean.

One of her favorite things about Baby Grey is that he is constantly pooting or making other bodily noises. And he is very loud. :) She thinks it is hilarious and every.single.time. he does this, she will yell out while laughing, "Baby Gay just pooted!" And of course, I'm not the best role model for her, because I'm usually the first one laughing. :)

I love this girl, crazy drama and all. :)