Thursday, July 30, 2009

13 weeks and counting!

That's right, I'm 13 weeks pregnant!!

My due date is February 4th! These past few months have been both good and bad. Ken and I were SUPER excited to find out that we were expecting, however things have not been easy since then. I was told shortly after we found out that I might not have a job next year due to the current budget (I have since been rehired!) and Ken has decided to go the business route and try to find a "9-5" job. Of course, this is not the best time to find a job, especially in Greensboro, NC and he has had a few interviews, but no offers. He is now currently studying for the GMAT's so as to get his MBA. He has an interview with an admissions counselor (?) with Elon's business school coming up! Hopefully things will begin to fall into place!

As far as me, I had a great first 8 weeks, with only tiredness to deal with. For the last month however, I have had terrible headaches, some migraines and lots of nausea to go with the headaches. Coupled with the extreme tiredness and it has not been pretty. Luckily, I have been out of school for the summer and have been lazy most days. I am tutoring a kid 3x/week, but the rest of the time is mine. I have gained a total of 1lb. since my pre-preggo weight; losing a total of 4 and gaining 5. I was really good the first 9 weeks about going to the gym, but have slacked off the last 4 weeks. Now that I am feeling better, I definitely need to get back in the gym! I don't really care about how much weight I gain; I am much more concerned with exercising and dieting to control and hopefully prevent any onset of diabetes, as well as being more in shape for the actual birth.

Ken and I have decided at this time to not find out what the sex of the baby is, but, I really want to wait and be surprised! Since I had gestational diabetes with the last pregnancy, I will be tested for it this time too. I'm not sure what the stats are, but I know the risk is pretty high for me with subsequent pregnancies after the first.

I definitely want to have a natural childbirth this time around and would love to go to a birthing center. However, the nearest one is in Chapel Hill, too far of a drive for me. I am not sure if a home birth is an option for me (although I would love to do it) due to complications associated with diabetes. I will continue to look into it and talk with my doctor's about it, especially after another month when I will first test my sugars for diabetes.

On another note, I have already started searching for things that we need. I gave away or had borrowed a lot of things with Skylar, so we actually will need quite a few things. First, I found a carseat off of CL for $40 that is in excellent condition! It came with two bases and is a newer model so I can adjust the height from the front of the carseat; great for the little newborn stage so their head wont flop so much!

I also picked up a travel swaddle blanket on sale at Target for $5. It will be great during the winter months!

My next purchase is a my favorite!! I got a Pottery Barn Bassinet off of CL; I LOVE CL!! As you can see, it is white wicker with a moses basket that can be transported from room to room. Last time, we had a bassinet that we borrowed from my cousin that we rolled from room to room. It was great too, except that with our dogs, it was too wide to fit through the doggy gates and we had to pick it up to go over the gates; actually kind of hard for me.
As you can see, it is big enough for Sky to fit in it- we have to put everything in storage now so she wont play with it! Under the long skirt, there is a stand with a basket underneath for storage. I love, love, love it!!
Ok, that is all of my news for now! We will try to keep everything updated over the next few months though!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some pics from June

One of my favorite pics of the two of us ever!

At Alan and Anne's wedding in June!

Sweet baby Vivian made her debut. Sadly, she slept through most of the time that we were there!
Vivian's beautiful mommy- Ashley!
This is the face of a hubby who does not like weddings.
After working with the indoor lighting w/o an external flash: this is the only good pic I got of the hot couple: Emily and Mark.
Sky taking some time out to chew her nails. She got that habit from me...
I loved, loved, loved how each centerpiece was set with a theme based on different areas Alan or Anne had lived. Here is my favorite. Or maybe it is the one from Italy where they will be moving this fall.

Grandparents have been schooling Sky in the craft of "boating" this summer; taking her out a handful of times with them. Here are some pics of their first trip; note: she has gotten much more independent over the next few trips.
Love how Nana is now wearing Skylar's hat.
Waving to the rents, although I'm not sure she really wanted to say goodbye...