Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lots of pictures...

Recently, Grey has begun to throw tantrums. He's a fan of throwing things down, including himself (although he always lands on his butt) and then crying.

Aww, isn't this face so sad!?!
Before it reached Hell temps, we went to the neighborhood park several times a week. The kids loved it, I loved it, and they got to play in the sand. Gross.

Here's Grey's first taste of sand...
I have no idea what this face means. Was it good? Bad? Who knows.
The park has a little track around it that the kids love to walk around, picking up all of the rocks.

He was trying to find Skylar, who had climbed up into the top area of the playset.

I'm still practicing here, but for some reason, Grey has a tendency to photograph as one large blown-out white spot. Maybe its the pale skin against blond hair? Even in pictures where everyone else is normal, he will be one big blur of whiteness.

My little cheeseball!

She will turn me gray early, but I love her little attitude!
She really loves Grey too! She always has and even now as he is getting bigger, she still loves on him!
Err, and sometimes that love takes the form of hitting him in the head with some reeds.
You okay, Grey? Hey, you okay?

He just loves to share. No baby, Mama doesn't want any, thank you.

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