Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween!  Tonight we took Skylar trick-or-treating with our friends and housemates the boyles' with their precious little apple (aka, ella).  We went to the Opry Mills Mall figuring that as Sky is only 1 year old, she will not quite be able to walk to different houses and ask for candy.  So, as any good self-serving parents would do, we dressed her up in a costume that she hates (unless you tell her how pretty she is and then she poses for you) and took her in hopes of using her to score candy for ourselves. 

It worked like a charm!  Skylar took her little child-size tin halloween bucket and walked up and down the mall right up to the people handing out candy like she was an old pro at this!  She was so serious about her duty of trick-or-treating.  If the people handed the candy to her, she would take it, put it in her bucket, and then keep on walking to the next store!  Sooo cute!

Man, I love my little puppy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Big 0-1!

Skylar has actually hit the big 0-1!  I can't believe she is really a whole year old now- she is such a big, little girl!  My baby is getting so big!  Ahh!  Ok, now, what are the most important things that I have discovered over the last year?

1.  You don't really need 8 hours of sleep at night.
2.  In fact, you can really get by with only 3-4 and actually still function.  Not your best, but then who's judging?
3.  I will never, ever use the bathroom by myself again.  This includes number 1, 2 and all showers, unless I sneak them in while she is asleep.  
4.  Sometimes she will still wake up while I am in the shower. 
5.  I will never ever have enough organization and storage for all of the baby items. 
6.  Chaos will reign.  
7.  I have to write everything down b/c I can't remember anything, ever.  Including when I last fed my baby and how much she ate.  
8.  Feed and water them and they will grow. 
9.  Remember to write it down or else I will forget to feed and water them. 
10. "Bebo's" rule the day.  A "bebo" is a great way to greet someone, redirect someone, and teach someone.  Note.  "bebo" is the tiny hippo way of saying belly-button!

Welp, there she be.  There are many more to come, but I have to get some school work done now, or else I will forget what I need to do. 
:) Brandi

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Long Time Coming

So much for trying to keep this updated monthly!  It has been a while and many crazy things have happened since we last blogged.  To keep things short, I will just give you a list of what we are doing now starting with the most important first!
Is running- she started walking months ago.  
Is talking- she says 5 words and lots of mumble.
Is signing- she has 5 signs- not the same as her words.  Her favorite is dog.
Has 4 teeth.  She got them all at pretty much the same time a few weeks ago.
Still has very little hair- but it is growing!
Is the cutest baby ever!
Still with "The War" and playing music
Is going for substitute teacher training next week to begin substitute teaching- ha!
Halfway through her last semester in grad school- student teaching in a community-based transition classroom.  Lots of fun, drama and time!
Working 6 hours/week doing research for school.
Missing Skylar like crazy!

Ok- now that we are done with the hard stuff- check back again for more fun!