Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our summer activities

Last Tuesday, I took the kids to McIver to do a little gardening (we plan on going most weeks this summer) and we were all hot and sweaty by the time we left, so we decided to try our luck at Wet'nWild to cool off. I was a little nervous since it was my first time since "the incident" taking both of them swimming by myself, but figured Skylar could crabwalk and float around and I could hold Grey's hand. They did great at the pool and we had a blast!

Until we got back to the car and I took Skylar's cast cover off… and her cast was dripping water. Something went way wrong somewhere, and I checked that thing constantly throughout the day and it was dry.

After hours of using the hairdryer and a tongue depressor to push a towel in between the bottom of her foot and the cast, it was still soaking wet when she fell asleep. We went to see our nice cast doctors on Wed. and luckily for us, they thought it was fine to leave on, but did recover the ankle part where it was mushy.

Not sure where that leaves us as far as the pool goes… but we have exciting plans for the rest of the summer!

Skylar and I have been practicing her writing and numbers, and doing lots of coloring and art projects. Our church is starting a summer story time this Tuesday that we will go to, and possibly some more kids movies at the theater on Wednesdays. We went this past Wednesday to see Alpha and Omega with my mom and their cousins, but Grey was interested for only about 15 minutes. And that was mostly because of the popcorn and drink… But we did get a free dentist visit for Skylar (which we used on Thursday) and a free happy meal for Grey, so maybe we'll try it again.
I work on Mondays and Fridays, and am hoping to spend Thursdays catching up with friends.

In the meantime, there are also a bunch of projects that I want to get done while I am at home, starting with our garage. It is disgusting. And filled with creatures.

So, the past two days, I have put Skylar and Grey down on a blanket at the top of our driveway with a bunch of bubbles, sidewalk chalk and toys while I have been working on the garage. And yard. Did I mention that I finally finished my bush? Thanks to hubby who stood there with a can of wasp spray and chased them all away while I worked.


Btw- is it okay to be jealous of your children's eyelashes? Cause I am.
Grey's are finally starting to darken up, but I think they will be about the color of mine- kinda dark on the bottom, with blonde tips.
And Skylar got Ken's eyelashes- super thick, long and dark. Seriously perfect. :)

Skylar has really learned to get around with her cast this week- a complete change from wanting to be carried everywhere last week. It's a good thing we go back in a few weeks to get a new one, because this one will not last the full 6-8 as much as she slides on it and drags it behind her.

Playing with her long-lost toys we found in the garage. I'm pretty sure they were set aside to go to consignment. Or maybe we threw them out there before Skylar's birthday party last October in an attempt to hide the clutter inside?
Grey's about as good of a walker as I am: not at all. And he fell yesterday and skinned up his knee. He let dada put some alcohol on it (yikes) and a bandaid. He was really interested in what was happening, but immediately ripped the bandaid off like, "what is this dada?" and handed it back to Ken.

And… one of our families favorite games is "stinky feet". Skylar has always taken her shoes off in the car- everytime, and now Grey is learning to as well. And seriously, during the summer time, it can get pretty stinky in there. Let's just say, I can always tell when they have their shoes off, even without looking. Well, they think it is hilarious when I say, "Ewww, I smell stinky baby feet!" and then they want me to smell their feet and say it again. Well, Ken has now adapted the game to where he makes the kids smell his feet. And then Grey will turn his head to the side and mumble something sorta resembling "eww, stinky" and giggle.

Poor kids.
Grey has not yet mastered the art of blowing bubbles, but he sure tried! Here was his best attempt, although no air came out and he wasn't holding a wand. Typically he likes to stick his tongue out and spit at the wand.

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