Friday, January 27, 2012

Some pictures

I realized recently that I have been super slack about taking any pictures. Especially of my own kids! I had lots of great ideas of pictures to do for Grey's second birthday and just totally don't have the energy to pull it off. :( I'm still waiting on that end of pregnancy-just before baby is born rally to hit.

But, the other day I decided I had been lazy enough and it was gorgeous outside, especially for January. So I took the kids out riding around until we found a spot by a construction zone with some wild grass growing. It was incredibly muddy and had a huge puddle in the middle that you couldn't see from the edge, but I got a few good ones!

I love how Skylar's hair is the same color as the weed here.

Grey spotted a plane in the sky shortly after we got there.
And he had to wave bye-bye as it left.

I absolutely love the color and the perfect sunlight in these pictures!

Totally not sure what they are doing here, but it looks fun!

And where did all of that drool come from? And why didn't I notice it until these pictures!

And today, we went out to the park by our house to play for a little while. Grey woke up with an amazing cowlick on both sides of his head and I couldn't get them back down, even with some water! This isn't the best picture (I mean, look at that face!) but it shows his hair in all its glorious detail. Remember- there is no wind here!

His hair makes him look like he has a halo on!

Skylar? When did you get so big!!
I tried to go for a posed shot of Skylar and this is what I got:
A jumping bean.
But then she gave me a good two seconds!

Anyone ever heard of a little book called, "Where the Wild Things Are"? I think my child might have emigrated from that book…
Wowza. Look at that hair… and then look at those eyes!!