Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's play catch-up!

All of these pictures are from several weeks ago that I just got around to putting on the computer.

Ever since it got warm outside, Skylar and Grey have been wanting to go outside to ride their bikes.  Since Grey can't reach the ground on his yet, he is still on the trike with the push bar for parents, but Skylar has been cruisin' around on her scooter bike.  I love this bike- it has a low center of gravity and no pedals, so she pushes herself off the ground.  She can get super fast on this thing and has never once fallen!  We have several neighbors with younger kids and they all gather in the cul-de-sac in the evenings to ride all of their various bikes, scooters, cars, etc.

 During all of Skylar's soccer games, Grey imagined himself playing his own little soccer games off on the sidelines.  I didn't really notice until I went through all of the pictures, but I'm seeing a trend here:

 Evidently he needs to stick his tongue out of the side of his mouth to play soccer??
 We met up with Nikki and her kiddos at the new park at Hagen-Stone and I loved it.  It was about 90 that day, so super hot, but the kids had a blast and the playground has all kids of fun stuff!

 Wes was a little angry about the heat, but enjoyed a few snuggles from Nik.
 Skylar and Izzy ran around and played the entire time together. 
 We also went to a few birthday parties, one of which was Ava's.  Her friend from school.  Her other friend Aaron was also there, so Skylar was in hog-heaven. 
 I love watching their expressions when they see their friends opening presents.  Skylar loves to pick out presents for her friends now and gets so excited when she watches them open gifts. 
 Her school year is over now and she keepts telling me that we need to invite Aaron and Ava and all of her other school friends over to her house to play.  I keep telling her we can definitely do that… as soon as she helps me clean first.  
 And here is Wes… from a few weeks ago. He's very intense… 
 And, Skylar has to be in all of the pictures I take of him. :)

 I think he's finally getting used to having someone in his face at all times.  Skylar and Grey both are aggressive showers of their love. 

 And, we had to take some pictures of Sammy as well.  
 And… if anyone is interested in a dog… Sammy is available.  Seriously.  She needs lots of love and a fenced in yard.