Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Duck Park

Skylar likes to name the different places in our community based on what she likes or does at that place. The grocery store is either the cookie store (Harris Teeter) because they have the free cookies for kids, or the car store (Lowe's) because they have the car cart that her and Grey get to drive around the store. Chick-fil-a is the cow nuggets, because, well, I'm sure you can figure that one out. Target is the icee store because she likes to get a blue icee there. And so on and so forth. Although she knows most of the real names of places, she still thinks about them from in these ways and so do we. Instead of teaching her the correct way to name things, we usually end up modeling after her…

One of her favorite parks to go to is the duck park, because of all the ducks and geese running around. We tried to picnic there one night and almost lost a baby hand due to our foolishness.

We went there a few weeks ago, in the good ol' days of mobility, (before the "incident") and realized our mistake when we were sweating profusely just walking from our car to the playground. Even the kids were too hot to play too much!

My little princess, watching another little girl playing a little ways away. Anytime we go somewhere Skylar looks for all of the little girls her age to play with and volleys between being too shy to go up to them or just jumping right on in!

He's such a big boy now!! Something about this picture makes me think he looks so much bigger these days.

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