Sunday, October 28, 2012

Roomie Reunion and Shower!

The other weekend, the girls and I got together for our annual roomie reunion and to celebrate the newest edition to our group:  Emily's little Tarheel!  Wes and Suzy made an appearance as babe-in-arms along with Jess's Levi; and we spent a glorious fall afternoon on the UNC's campus.  

Anne did a wonderful job organizing a baby shower for Emily:  We ate lunch at Top of the Hill and then went on a scavenger hunt around campus.  Anne did a great job coming up with clues for her to read to lead her to iconic points along the campus.  We ended up at the Smith Center where I was supposed to drive everyone back up to their cars on Franklin blvd. where I realized that I left my car keys in Anne's car… on Franklin blvd.  Ashley and Jess were nice enough to hike back up to Franklin for us. :)  Blame it on the mommy-brain.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Updated family style-kiddos

We took the kids out the other day to get some pictures of all three of them together…. which I have yet to do… shush…. don't tell Wesley how many pictures I took of Skylar and Grey when they were little so he wont start comparing.  Sheesh!

I learned that it is imperative to have multiple hands on deck to get all three kids looking the same way/relatively the same way/smiling, etc. at the same time.  Here are some cute pictures smattered with some of the extras…  Lets see who can guess which ones are extra?

And say hello to Drool.  He's our fourth child. 

 Ummm, Skylar?  Where did the thumbs up come from?


Is 6 months old today! What, what?? 
Was 6 months old on the 9th… but I never got around to posting these, hah!
 These are some pictures I took of him last month, but haven't shared yet and since I haven't taken any 6 month photos, I figured I would post these!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Fun: Family beach trip!

We finally made it back to the beach!  We haven't been since Skylar was about Wes' age and I personally was dying to get back to the beach after going multiple times a year since age 0.  

The kids LOVED the beach!  They loved traveling, the hotel room, the ocean, SAND, pools, everything!  When we finally reached Ocean blvd. and told the kids to look out the window and they could see the ocean in between the buildings, they were so busy looking at all of the amusements along the blvd. that they couldn't care less about looking at the ocean at that point! Skylar's mantra of the week was "Mama, the beach is cool." 

She wasn't a huge fan of the waves, but loved the sand.  And getting sand all over everything! Grey liked the waves and sand, but wanted someone to hold him out in the ocean the whole time we were on the beach. And he loved the pools and telling everyone how he "go[es] under" all the time.  Of course, most of the people there were elderly and they thought he was adorable when he flung himself off the side and swam underwater.  He ate up all the attention. :)   Wes liked the sand, but did not like it when we put him in the ocean! We all had a blast and to sum it up, when we pulled in the driveway and Grey woke up in the car and saw we were home, he said, "I don't like this one!" And refused to get out of the car for several minutes. 
 The first takedown.  Took them a bit by surprise!
 Skylar started running away when a bigger wave came in.

 He preferred the snuggly approach. 
 Her absolute fave: digging holes to sit in while the water came up. 

 Vacation fail: Putting non-waterproof sunscreen on (unintentionally) when your spray sunscreen runs out.  Luckily… daddy was the only victim.  Everyone else just got really tan. 
 And neither Ken nor I noticed this until last week when a few people at my school mentioned it… but Wes is totally rocking a mohawk. Poor awkward baby hair!

 Skylar was the queen of goofy poses every time I brought the camera out this trip. 
 The loved seeing the pools of fish swimming up in the currents.
 And Grey's newest face whenever I try to take his picture lately!
 Awkward family photo: take one.  
I have another extremely awkward family photo of Ken and Grey when Ken was holding Wes and trying to use his shirt to get sand out of Grey's eyes, but I've been forbidden to show that one to anyone.  Too funny, but you'll just have to take my word on it!
 The hotel we were at was awesome and had a pier right in front.
 Our last morning there, I woke up early with the intention of taking the kids down to see the sunrise.  Grey refused to wake up and Skylar jumped out of my arms and ran back in the bed under the covers.  So I went all by my lonesome.  They don't know what they missed.  Oh, wait.  Its documented in picture format for them. :)

 We found a lot of sea shells.  But didn't really distinguish between the broken pieces of rock and shell and a good sea shell.  

 The kids loved running and jumping over the waves and I got several of them on our last morning there.