Thursday, June 16, 2011

My friendly neighbors...

… the kind that live in this bush.


I was trimming up the bushes/forest in the yard this evening and got reacquainted with my old friend, Mr. Red Wasp, from last year. As you can see, I made it a little less than halfway across the bush before he made his haughty little appearance.

We had a battle of the wills…

but he won.

Don't worry though, I am planning a sneak attack to best him once and for all!

My sneak attack is named Ken.

I mean, I can't leave my bush looking like this! It is the very first thing you see when you look at my house. And, since we are at the very end of a cul-de-sac and situated up high on the mountain (very steep hill), it is the first thing most people see when they look down my street.

And my neighbors a few houses down are moving and need to sell their house.

This is not a selling point… a bush with a half mohawk. Really?

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