Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun in the sun!

Hubby knows how to go straight for my heart. "Hey, you wanna go drag the kids around the neighborhood?" Short, sweet and to the point. :)

So we did. Literally. Well, I use the term, "we" relatively. Really, it was "him" doing all the dragging. But hey, I was working too! I was dragging our one good dog left on the leash. And carrying the ol' bag of poo. And kicking the soccer ball that we had to take with us. And picking up the stray toys that got thrown overboard (Grey's reacquainted with an old favorite game).

And really, really busy trying to take some pictures of this little cheeser. Hmm, evidently, "cheeser" is not a word. According to spell check, I could change it to, "cheeses" or "cheese r" and both of those would work just fine. Either way you get the idea.
Umm, Grey? I think you're supposed to look the other way? What? Oh, okay, I'll take one more of you. He's just too cute to resist. You should see him when he wants to nurse.

Don't worry, I wont be "that mom" who still nurses her babies when they are clearly not babies anymore.

Really. I will decide when it is time to stop and I will have the last say. Cuteness be darned! I have willpower!

Skylar? You are too young to try to hide from my camera. I will find you. I will be victorious! (See previous comment.)
Haha! oh, well okay... not really.
Did I say that I was the one picking up all the thrown toys? I must have been taking a picture when this one got thrown out. Or maybe picking up dog poo. Luckily, hubby has the eyes of a tiger and saw it on our way back... Thanks Grey, way to make me look bad. Sigh.
Woohoo! Here we go! Sort of...

Ya know, just because you close your eyes, doesn't mean that I'm not still victorious. I can still see you!
Ahh, I love this picture!!!! Look at his lil' flyaway curls in the back!
And this is what I am like on little to no sleep.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We are slowly coming out of our hibernation... grrr!

The last few weeks have brought us a mix of warmer, spring-like weather, some new foliage popping out bringing some bright colors to a dull horizon of brown and gray. It has also brought this little family of bears, complete with growling and paw-grabbing, out of our winter hibernation. We have reacquainted ourselves with the fabulous play set in the backyard. And Grey is getting some more use out of it this year. I think the slide is his fav.

This is how we roll. No fear. Fear is for babies. Um, I mean, littler babies?

He couldn't wait to get back up the slide so as soon as he reached the ground he was throwing himself back up the slide. All the excitement also brought out the drool.
And the static.
Everything is so much better with Daddy.
And one of the best parts of warmer weather? It totally wears these little bears out at the end of the day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Madness

First off, I just want to say that Carolina beat Duke last night. So it is considered a good season for me at least, no matter what happens in the ACC or NCAA tournaments!

Now onto family business: Grey took about 10 steps yesterday at Nana and Papa's house! Completely unexpected and great! He was really steady when he took the steps. But, of course, he has flat-out refused to take any more since then. Every time we even hint at trying he goes all noodle-legs and falls to the floor. Little (big) lazy boy!

And, Skylar is now playing soccer! I am the new coach for her soccer team, The Galaxy, and she is one of four other girls on her ten-person team. We had our first practice last Thursday and she did ok. She was really whiny all day that day and it was really cold outside so that didn't help! Although she was actually playing around and kicking a ball up until practice actually started. We have one more practice this Thursday and then a game on Saturday... Hopefully we'll get some pictures or video at one of them!

A lot of things have been going on around here lately and we have had some ups and downs, so forgive the sporadic nature of the blog lately! I am currently working on some projects for my schools yearbook, which I am in charge of this year, as well as sewing some cloth diapers for Sweet Cheeks Diaper Kits. It really is March Madness around here.