Monday, September 26, 2011

Mason jar project

I saw this project on a blog that I read a few months ago and really liked the idea. Last week, I finally got around to doing it!

It's just a plain mason jar, with hot-glue gun letters and spray painted. I really like the way it came out, although I might take scaredy-crows outta there…

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pinterest Love

A few weeks ago, a friend invited me to join Pinterest to gather ideas for a baby shower we are throwing together with two other friends in October. I'd heard about Pinterest for several months now and just never joined b/c I didn't want something else to take up any more of my time. I'm already addicted to blogs and facebook!

But, I joined. And, fell in love. Where have you been all my life Pinterest! It is the perfect place to store all of my ideas and inspirations for everything, in one place that is easily accessible!

One project I saw on Pinterest and loved was this:

Pickle jars and candle holders. I grabbed up some random candle holders last week at an area thrift store for about $1 each and spray painted them white. I also painted the tops of the pickle jars (also included: jelly jar and spaghetti jar) and scrubbed all of the sticky stuff off with some goo gone.
I think they came out great!

In other semi-related news… here are some ways that I have been displaying Skylar's art projects around the house in a less-disorderly way.
She made both the flowers in this picture, the one in the frame was actually a necklace for me she made on Mother's day last year.
And, sorry for the poor lighting, here are some more art projects on the top and some shots of the flowers and grass in our yard on the bottom for a bit of color in the kitchen.
And here is a wreath I finished over the summer to replace the one on our front door that had been hanging there since Christmas time…

I have a ton of ideas of craft projects and DIY projects to do around the house over the next few months and I am once again in the crafting spirit and ready to get my craft on!

Next up is a mason jar project I have in mind… :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's time for Socca, holla!

It's time for soccer! Skylar has been looking forward to playing soccer again all summer. We thought she might have to sit this season out with her leg, but she has managed to curb her limping unless she is really tired now.

We opted to stay with the younger group again this year as Skylar was a bit of a sideliner last season until the last couple of games. But, the rest of her team got moved up to the big leagues, so we are with an all-new team this year. And we are loving it!

Skylar has four other girls on her team and has really enjoyed playing with them. The kids are mostly go-getters and really go after the ball and kick it in the goal. Quite a few of them already have the skills to stop the opponents, take the ball away and turn it back up the field towards our goal. Its quite impressive.

We had our first game today and scored a bazillion goals. The other team only scored two… well, three if you count the one our team scored for them… :)

Skylar was hustling down the field and came really close to scoring her first goal! Next weeks practice: work on taking the ball away from the opponent. And not from your own teammate. Ah-hem,… boys.

Grey enjoyed it too. He keeps wanting to join in the team.

And there's me and Skylar. And Lil'pit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Evidently this past Saturday was the day for Church festivals. Skylar's preschool had a festival and so did a large church in Asheboro. We went to both! Throw in a yardsale and soccer practice and it was a busy, busy day.

After our yardsaling and first soccer practice, we headed over to Skylar's preschool for their festival. They had bouncies galore and Skylar was in heaven. Grey? Eh, I didn't think he had a horrible time, but the pictures say otherwise…

Look at the face!
Skylar enjoyed the bouncies and took us one-by-one through all of them. Love the look of concentration on her face here!
I mean, really, Grey? Really?

Actually, he gives us this look quite often. It means, watch out, 'cause I'm looking for something to get into...
Skylar was really excited about the big slide.
Until she tumbled head over heels a few times on the way down. I couldn't help but giggle as I rushed to her aide… all the while wondering if we were going to have to make another emergency room visit. Oh my.
Finally, a happy boy! Just give him some balloons!
So, we ate lunch there and headed home for some family nappage before heading out to Asheboro to meet my Mom, niece and nephews at our second church festival of the day. This was was over dinner-time and then they showed a movie on the lawn- "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." Actually, a pretty funny movie. I lol'd quite a few times.

They had bouncies there too, but Skylar was a bit timid after the slide incident and said that she would do the house, but not the big slide that made her go sideways. It was scary.

So, they played a little frisbee- Skylar was pretty good!
We might have to work on her form some though...
We ate to our heart's content with all the free food they had!

And then we rode the horse, which Skylar was very excited about. She keeps telling me that she wants two horses at her birthday party…
And then there was Charlie. The Mini horse who gave me a dazzling smile for the camera.

Thanks a bunch, Charles!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Bunkbeds!

So, yesterday, Ken and I were discussing what arrangements we would make when baby #3 comes along and decided that we would have to leave the baby stuff in Grey's room b/c the changing table system wouldn't fit in Skylar's room. And, Skylar and Grey will share a room until the baby is old enough to join whichever sibling is has more in common with… (genitalia-wise). So, we are going to leave the baby's room as is since we both love it. Score- nothing to do there!

However, we have a lot of work to do in Skylar's room. We debated about putting two small toddler beds in (two twin beds wouldn't fit) or getting them a bunkbed. We couldn't decide and didn't know how they would do safety-wise on a bunkbed, so we made a spur of the afternoon decision to drive down to Charlotte and visit Ikea so the kids could play all over the furniture there and pick out something for their room.

We came home with this:
Super-fun Ikea Kura Reversible bed!
We spent about 4 hours last night putting it together and Skylar was so excited to sleep in it for the first time. Tonight we are letting Skylar and Grey sleep in there together for the first time… or so time will tell. They have been in there giggling and running around for the last 30 minutes playing cowboy and cowgirl with little cowboy hats and stuffed horses.

Now, we have the bed and the bedding, so we have to figure out how to decorate the rest of the room. We will need to paint (the walls are purple with girly flower decorations) and pick out fabric for window treatments, etc.

And, we can change up the colors of the bed, tunnel and panels as well to match the new decor! So the question is: Do we want to go with a blue wall and red accents? Blue wall with yellow accents? Blue wall with orange accents? Or go with a completely different colored wall??

Saturday, September 3, 2011


This morning we went to Putt-Putt in High Point for my family birthday activity. It was the first time either of the kids had been and the first time in years for either Ken or me.

We started out hand-over-hand…

Skylar got pretty good.
After the initial hit, she always went back to the trusty ole' one-handed swing.
Which actually worked well for her! She got so excited whenever she got the ball in, too cute.
Grey started out like this:
But never really went much farther… :)
He was quick to cheat.
Object of game: get the ball in hole. Winning!
Grey's favorite part of the game was chasing the ball down the green.. it didn't matter whose ball it was and we often had to intervene.
We all had to take a break inside for a little drink mid-way through the game. Look at those red cheekies!