Monday, June 27, 2011

Are boys and girls really different?

So far, Grey and Skylar have been mostly different as babies and toddlers. Although they were/are both happy babies, Skylar was a bit more high-strung than Grey. Especially as a baby. She learned to walk super early, learned signs very quickly and amassed a pretty large vocabulary by the time she was two. More than most kids speak. And was always very playful.

Grey was a late bloomer, shall we say? Remember, this time last year, I was about to take him in for an evaluation to make sure he was developing alright. Because he was just too happy lying around to be motivated to move anywhere…

He also does not have a large vocabulary of spoken words, but has not taken to signing very well either (maybe that's b/c I haven't been working with him as much… ya know, job and all). For the last few months, we have noticed a trend with Grey's play habits. He enjoys the dishwasher. The vacuum. The laundry. The broom. The baby dolls and accessories (stroller, food). You can see the pattern, I'm sure. Ken likes to say that he enjoys tools in any capacity. It also might be my fault for not getting him more boy toys...

Recently, however, I have started noticing a trend in the opposite direction. He likes his cars, balls, and running around the rooms. He throws everything he can get his little hands on, and it if hits someone, the more the better. He has also bit Skylar twice and likes to give Ken super strong hugs while bitting his neck…

But there are some things that don't change. Grey can be a super snuggler- especially if said snugglee has a certain pillow pet. Anywhere he sees his giraffe or monkey, he will throw himself down on it and start sucking his thumb.

I just found out that Target is selling mini-pillow pets and I'm kinda excited about them! That huge pillow is pretty awkward to carry around with us to places like Church or the pool, where he might take a nap.

And then here is the difference between boys and girls: where Nana would just snuggle little man and rock him, Papa decided this is a good time to teach Grey how to punch.

His giraffe. And Grey loved it.

Oooh, look at me Papa, that one was so funny!

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