Monday, March 30, 2009

We have a breakthrough!

For the past few days, Skylar has been gushing out lots of juicy goodness from her mouth- something she has NEVER really done. So naturally, I've been thinking that she is FINALLY getting some more chompers in her mouth. Sadly, the child was 13? months old before she got her first tooth- and then 5 more quickly followed over the next two weeks. Since then, she woefully has not had any more action in her mouth.  

So tonight at dinner, as I saw a huge gooey mass slide out of her mouth and onto her chin while she was laughing at something, I decided it was time for me to check out her gums...  And surprise surprise, I found not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE!! new teeth already poking out of her gums!!!  Yes, that is right, there are five teeth that have actually cut through her gums and are making their way out, plus a few more large
 lumps of mass in there that seem to be just ready to make their way out in a few days!  I couldn't believe it!  

Either I have been the slackest mother in the world for not noticing these sooner, or they really all have just recently made their debut... all at the same time!  It is amazing that she hasn't acted like they hurt or been extra grouchy or anything!  At least, not that we attributed to teeth!

Here is a pic of Skylar watching UNC beat Oklahoma... she loves UNC bball!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whoops- I have let things slide a little!

Ok, I have been pretty terrible about updating this blog- so I am going to give anyone reading this an overload of pics and info. Basically all about Sky b/c lets face it- she's the whole reason why I am doing this blog!  So I am going to give everyone a glimpse into some of Skylar's antics right now.

First, Skylar has always been into reading books, we read everyday before bed and naps and throughout the day for fun. Lately, she has been really engaged in her books and likes for you to ask her to point out all the different items on each page of the book. Anything from "dog", "mouse", "girl", "balloon", etc. She is really amazing at picking out everything correctly, no matter how small, hidden, or full of images the page is. If she doesn't know something, she learns really fast by just watching you point it out to her once. She had one black and white book from the library that she would flip to the page where each item was located and pick it out all on her own!  So smart!!

Now, one of Skylar's other favorite tricks is to try to stick her food to her head. As you can see, she found out that macaroni and deli meat work well. 

Isn't she cute!?!