Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swimming fun

The other day we tried out Skylar's swimming cast cover, praying that it would stay dry… and it worked! And to our amazement, her cast also seemed to float instead of sink to the bottom! Skylar was so ready to get in the pool and adjusted quite easily to her new situation. She floated in circles around the baby pool the whole time. She was hesitant to get in the big pool, and seemed afraid of what would happen since she couldn't use her leg to help her, so she stuck to the baby pool for the day.

But just because she has a broken leg does not exempt her from getting splashed. That's how we roll. Toughen' em up.
Grey did much better this time than the first couple of times he went to the pool this year. He was all smiles and attempted walking on his own most of the time. He even learned how to squat in the water and spent most of his time squatting down and standing back up.
And he loved the bucket of water.
And this is what dad's are good for: roughhousing. Anyone else think we should buy stock in medical supplies?

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