Sunday, October 16, 2011

Skylar's first school field trip: To the pumpkin patch!

Friday, Skylar's school went on its first school field trip: to the pumpkin patch! Since they have no way of transporting the kids, parents had to pick their child up from the school and meet up at the pumpkin patch. Since mom got sick and then Ken woke up sick, I got a phone call around 8:30 at work to see if I could come back and watch the kids. So, lucky me, I got to take Skylar on her first field trip!
Seriously, aren't we the hottest fam in town? I was "blown away" when I saw this pic.
Grey enjoyed the cutouts (Skylar wouldn't pose), but didn't quite get the idea of looking out of the window at people.
After everyone arrived, we went on a short tractor-hay ride.
Skylar and Aaron. Turns out Aaron was getting sick that morning and went home and woke up from a nap with a high fever. :(
I saw this great photo op after we hopped off the hayride, but as soon as I pulled out my camera, Skylar does this number:
After the ride, we went to a sitting area for story-time. Grey just thinks he's part of the group.
"I can sit here too Mom!"
He got a little excited at one point during the story. He's reaching back to Skylar, like, "did you see that!?!"
This is his "oops, I'm guilty" face because someone just asked if he was sitting with the class.
After story-time, they had fun jumping all over the pumpkins. Did I mention it was super windy out there?
Can anyone say, "mullet." Me thinks its time for a haircut.
He loved the super big ones.
He spent about 5 minutes rubbing the pumpkins, saying, "oooohhhhh" over and over!
Cousin It! I found you!
Aaron wasn't feeling too hot, but I'm happy to announce that Skylar actually played with another kid from her class!
And then, it was time for snack!
And Grey has learned the art of adding himself to the pack when it is snack time. He perfected it during soccer games.

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