Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby shower reunion in Chapel Hill

This past weekend, I went up to Chapel Hill for an annual reunion with my favorite Loveshack roommates eva!

This was an extra special year because our dear Anne was visiting the US from Italy after living there for a year and a half… and she's expecting her first child with hubby Alan! So, of course, we had to throw her a baby shower!

They did not find out the sex of the baby and are holding on to their chosen name for a boy or girl. But don't worry, Anne assures us it isn't Elvis or Priscilla. Get it?

The baby shower was team effort from the four remaining roomies and Ashley started us off with amazing invites… love 'em!
Skylar helped me whip up a few of these goodies: cake pops and chocolate-covered pretzels.
Jessica hosted everyone since she lives in Durham and made this amazing pumpkin dip. I could've eaten it all day.
Emily made chicken salad and Key Lime cupcakes. The food was delish!
And the decorations were so fun! I love the use of multiple, non-pastel colors!
I used the handy-dandy cricut to make this banner. It says, "Welcome Baby Presley" since the letters a kind of tough to see...
And the little tags on the baby food jars. Ashley ordered these really cute M&M's in our colors with personalized sayings on each of them. And the tag is a little baby… not a bear like it looks in this picture!
And here was the star of the weekend: Baby Levi, courtesy of Jess and Jon. Seriously, he really is this handsome in person. More so, in fact.
A picture of The Loveshack roomies!
And, watch out cause there's an epidemic goin' round!
Here are the four preggos at the party! Ashley (left) is due in four weeks!
Anne and her friend Kristen, both glowing and very excited to welcome their firsts!
Present time! The night before the party, we all got together and stayed up waaayyyy too late talking and had a lengthy convo about strollers and what type Anne should get. We decided on the City Mini (which was good, since that is what she registered for, ahem) and tada! her mom got her one for the party! That's her oh-s0-cute mom sitting next to her!
Levi wanted some mommy attention.
But he didn't mind some snuggles from Ashley a little later. Such a cutie, and I love how his hair flicks out on the side!

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