Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holiday photos

For the three of you who read this who are not family members… I like to give presents containing photos for Christmas and birthdays. Perhaps its getting old this year? Who knows!

But, this afternoon, we went to a nearby park and took our family Christmas photo and I have strong plans on sending out a Christmas card this year. I usually have plans that fall through, but this year I am determined to get those cards out!

Here are some outtakes from the day. And don't worry, they did not wear their little hats for the "photo".
There was a man fishing near where we were on the bridge, and the kids loved watching him throw his hook in. We felt bad after the photo and left him in peace!
We walked down the trail a little ways until we found another bridge and lots of ducks! The kids started running and quacking away, obnoxiously...
I tried to take some shots on the bridge, but they both kept sticking their heads in the bars and that don't make a purty picture.
Here's what they looked like from the other side:
I did really love the light here though, if I had brought anything to help balance out the backlighting. I love the flare though!
They kept running up and down the bridge as the ducks were swimming around.

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