Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday week (day one): School Party!

I am a believer of the "birthday week" and I like to do something everyday of the week that the kids' birthday falls in. Ken thinks I'm crazy. Nothing new there.

So, yesterday we started off the week with a bang and had a mini birthday party at Skylar's school. It was really more of a birthday snack, but I got to play hookie from my school and have snack with the kiddos!

Skylar got to be the leader today, which she loves! They are also learning the letter "D" this week.
This is Skylar's picture on the door. All the other kids have cute little grins on their ghosts…
And her little star where she has to put her bag.
Part of being the leader includes getting to sit in the special yellow chair. Skylar was a little concerned at this point that they were going to sing, "Happy Birthday" to her, hence the worried face. She asked me all Sunday night and Monday morning to tell her teachers not to sing to her. I guess she really doesn't like that song.
I dropped her off in the morning and then came back later with a special birthday snack. They all had to sit on the floor (except Skylar- special yellow chair) criss-cross, applesauce style and use hand sanitizer before saying the blessing together. Then they all got up to sit in a chair at the table and wait for snack.
The good thing about having two events back-to-back: I can just make extras of the cake pops and serve them at both! Skylar and her friends were excited about the sprinkles… and her teachers were excited that they were child-size and not very messy!
Believe you me: Grey was not about to miss out on snack time. He inserted his little behind into a chair right along with the other kids. He has a snack-radar. And it works. Well.

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