Monday, October 24, 2011

NC State Fair!

On Sunday we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take the kids to the State Fair in Raleigh as it was the last day it was in town. In case you haven't known before now… I'm not much of a planner and I love it when Ken goes along with one of my harebrained plans!

We went to Church and then headed down the road, luckily Grey slept most of the way and Skylar let him sleep! Well, truthfully, she tried to wake him up, but wasn't aloud to talk above a whisper and he was out cold!

Neither one of them knew what to expect and (although you can't tell from this photo) were excited when they saw all the people and rides. Here is their, "I'm ready to get on those rides" faces.
The petting zoo was the first thing we came to on the way to Kiddieland and we went through to see all of the goats, cows, camels, zebra and turtles. Grey was yelling out, "moo" which comes out more as an "ooo" the whole time, but was a little timid to get down with all the other people in there at first. We bought a bag of carrots and fed the animals, and he was a little mad he couldn't eat the carrots too. Eventually he got the hang of it! Skylar was in heaven!
And who/what is this guy? Cow? Bull? He reminded me of a bad 80's haircut.
After that we headed into kiddieland. Skylar was afraid of the larger/faster rides and wanted to check out the scene before deciding what to ride. She started on this 1-mile-per-hour train and I think she might have been a little disappointed.
Then she thought she could handle the jumping worm thing by herself. It was quite a bit faster and she said she loved it.
Grey finally got to ride one too, the teacups.

As you can see, he loved it! He got a little sideways there, but that happens to the best of us in the teacups.
Skylar ended with the carousel. She has a very serious face when she is about to start a ride… not a very good time to get a picture!

Grey wanted to ride the roller coasters. He was pretty adamant about it too… one day little dude. When you're about five feet taller.
Skylar got to play one game and she chose the duck game. For two dollars, you get to pick up a duck. And then pick a ball out of the two dollar bin. Dumbest game ever.

After she got her ball she said, "Is that it?"
Grey wanted to get a duck too, but he's still little enough that it didn't bother him too much. He was much happier with the cotton candy anyway!

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