Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun Fourth!

This year we started out Saturday morning with an early parade. Skylar and Ken got to ride on a float for Jamestown, so Grey and I went to cheer them on. Too bad we didn't plan better, b/c we happened to be on opposite sides of the street and this is what I got: if you look closely you can see them in the corner of the red car.
So, not being satisfied with that, I took off running down the crowded sidewalk with Grey in stroller to catch up with them. Notice the guy beside Ken? I believe he thought I was running to catch up with him... I got quite a few funny faces from him.
That evening we ate dinner with my Mom and Granny and then went to see the fireworks. Skylar was excited to be look for lightning bugs and actually caught one in her hands! (With help from Mom...)

And Grey was just excited to have someone talking to him. Poor neglected second child.

And here is a cutie to leave you with!

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