Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy half-birthday to my little man!

The past few days I have been trying to get some 6 month portraits of Grey to no avail. He has given me a steady diet of fussiness, spitting, yelling and angry faces each time. Therefore I was so excited to get some decent ones tonight!
Happy six months little man! My wove you sooo much (from Skylar).

My little philosopher.
He is so curious about everything now! It's almost impossible for him to nurse for a full meal nowadays because he is so nosy. Drives me nuts some days!
And the drool. It's like a faucet.

Aww. This is just sweetness. You would never imagine that she would then turn around and try to sit on his head. The next shot I got was of her little blue panties landing on his head.
LOVE those baby blues!
Now, here is a good one!

Grey is able to sit up unassisted for a little while now. Although he's not perfect every time. He still hates tummytime though, so although he can roll over (I have seen this with my own eyes) he will never do it because he doesn't have any desire to be on his tummy. Which is totally fine with me. I'm happy with him being immobile.

His next favorite thing to do lately is blow raspberries. Sometimes assisted by putting his fingers in his mouth. His favorite times for this are while nursing and eating solids... You can sense my frustration can't you?
LOVE baby feet.

This summer has been awesome. We have spent lots of time at the waterpark with my Mom and Grandmother. Both Skylar and Grey are total water babies. They have no fear and would spend everyday all day in the water. They will both go "under water". Grey will dunk his head in the water if you put him on his stomach; and Skylar will bounce up and down and count to three and then put her face in. She will even walk across the pool with her face down in the water! She never evens opens her mouth or breathes in the water!

This shot makes me laugh.
My cool man chillin' with his glasses and hat. He gets pretty upset if you don't put his glasses on and will let you know. Have I mentioned that he has found his lungs so to speak?
Sorry for the picture quality here. Not sure why he is glowing while my mom is normal... but here is a pic of him in the water. If you put him on his tummy he will kick his legs and flap his arms a mile a minute!
Back at the house, he has really started enjoying his jumperoo. Probably because he can now reach both arms out to grab stuff and he had reach the floor with his feet so he can jump.
And it helps that Skylar loves to play peek-a-boo with him while he jumps away.


SarahRachel said...

WOW!!! I haven't seen pics of him in awhile- he is GORGEOUS. Seriously, a perfect little Gerber baby! And I feel you on the nursing thing. I think boys are a lot harder to nurse than girls. I have no proof of this other than word of the mouth and two little boys who made the 11 months or so of feeding times awful! ;-)

Emily & John said...

brandi your kids get cuter and cuter (which i didn't think was possible!). grey is so adorable and getting so big!