Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jennifer + Dwayne = Maternity

The other day I traveled to Graham, NC to shoot some maternity portraits for Jennifer, who is the sister of Leanna, if you remember her from a few weeks ago, and is also preggo! Jennifer and Dwayne are having a little boy named Zachary, due in about 7 weeks. Bless both her and Leanna's hearts for their summer babies! Jennifer and Dwayne were so cute together and are going to make wonderful parents. Little baby Zach is one lucky dude.

I think this is my favorite one. I love the outline of sunlight on Jennifer; how it highlights her baby bump.

Jennifer and Dwayne live in an adorable country-style house that I loved. And their front porch was a-mazing! It was like my dream porch, complete with this little swing here in one corner.

This one here is more of an out-take... but I loved Dwayne's expression. The entire time I was there Jennifer kept asking if he could feel little Zachary moving around and grabbing his hands to put them where he could feel little kicks. This was one of those times and I guess he could really feel it!
Such a cute belly!
I love the flare in these next two!

I love the contrast between Jennifer's fair skin and Dwayne's darker skin. Wonder what baby Zach will look like?

Dwayne is a pretty big colts fan.. could ya tell? He already has little Zack decked out. Jennifer however is not. We'll see who wins the war!
The nursery. Pooh theme. An all-time classic fav.

See the porch in the background!?! And the blue shutters on white paint? Love it!

Doesn't she have a perfectly round baby belly?
Jennifer and Dwayne, thanks for letting me come out... can't wait for little Zack to arrive!

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