Monday, June 28, 2010

Special Storm Socks, oh my!

For the last few weeks, Skylar has been telling us that she is scared of storms. She can tell when a storm is coming and will say, "the clouds will open up and then the rain will come. My like the rain. My don't like storm. My scared of the storm." And it is true. If it is raining, she wants to go out and play in the rain- which we have. But, if it is thundering or lightning, she gets scared and wants someone to hold her. The worst is when we are driving in the car and it storms. She gets so scared- poor baby!

Typically, it seems to storm at night most of the time. When she is in bed. By herself. So what do we do then? Go sit with her until she falls asleep and each time thereafter that she wakes up from the thunder? No. Instead, thanks to my awesomely smart hubby, we get her special storm socks out (mommy's socks) and she puts those on. The best part? Yep- they actually work! We put those on her and she feels safe enough to go to sleep by herself. Which, if you know her at all, is a HUGE accomplishment!

Now, this past week she has been telling us that there are monsters in her room. Oh my. What to do about that one?!? The special socks don't work for monsters. She has even graduated to, Skylar: "The monsters are in my closet."
Me: "No baby, there aren't any monsters in my closet, see I will even close the door."
Skylar: "There are monsters on my shelf."
Me: "No, there are no monsters in your room."
Skylar: "There are in the hallway."

What do I say to all of this! Isn't she too young to be scared of monsters!!

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Emily & John said...

that story is so cute and the picture is ADORABLE!!