Saturday, July 10, 2010

In 0.5 seconds...

Last weekend we started Grey on solid foods. He totally doesn't "get it". It being how to swallow food, use his tongue to push it back into his mouth, keep his lips closed, etc. Although he loves the attention he gets while in his chair, as seen here:
(p.s. take note of the abundance of food at the front of his mouth... yep, that will all be on the bib soon enough. Fun times!)

He quickly gives me one of these faces:

And then very shortly after, gives me this:
All in about half a second. Yes, those are real tears!

When he is not going through the sequence above, he also loves to just yell at me for making him endure the torture of eating food. He has quite the set of lungs on him...

I made some baby sweet potatoes, squash and peaches today... hopefully he will like these better! Sorry for the poor picture quality... its not that easy trying to catch him on camera while he is simultaneously yelling at me, crying, spitting food all over the place and trying not to let Skylar steal the food. And yes, I mean spitting- he has already learned to blow raspberries with food in his mouth when he is particularly upset.

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Anne said...

au contraire, ma soeur, you take absolutely beautiful pictures. thank you for sharing with the rest of us. i cannot get over how gorgeous your kiddos are. and the red-white-and-blue of last post definitely added to my nostalgia.