Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pool Day with "Shine" and "Ganny"

Now that the summer is almost over, I finally took some pics of Skylar at the pool with her favorite cuz, "Shine" also known as Cheyanne and "Ganny", or Granny.
She absolutely loves the pool as long as shine is there and often asks to go to the pool with shine- especially when we drive past it.

Sweet smile!
Isn't Shine gorgeous!
I love this look of utter relaxation on her face!
Figuring out the pool toys...
Concentrating hard to get her leg in the pool ring- of course she then couldn't get her other leg in!
Granny sitting on the side of the pool- due to a broken bone in her knee, she couldn't get in and out of the pool :(
So fun!

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The Alston's said...

LOL!!...I laughed so hard at this when I saw it. I knew she called her "Shine" but I guess it was funnier when seen in print. They are both adorable together and I am so glad you have this blog so we can keep up with what Skylar is doing..and you guys too..:)