Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day part II- everyone else- well almost!

Starting out with miss Aimee Cow- she has some of the cutest expressions- trust me she is all attitude, especially for the littlest one in the bunch!
Drawing with Mommy- I seriously have a shortage of pics of Aims with her mom- most of my pics of her are with Granny...
Skylar teasing (I mean playing) with Aimee while she is in the playpen. However, Aimee is still super excited!
The next few are of Micael and Nikki- some of my fav. pics of them ever!
Couldn't decide which one of these I liked best.
OMG! I could take pics of him FOREVER!
Excuse the random cow pic- I couldn't resist. They totally ruined my appetite that day. :( They were in the field across the street- way too close for comfort.
I LOVE this pic!
And of course, I had to throw in a few more of Sky- She loves in when daddy plays rough with her!

The higher the better! And dang, that is some serious height there!
See- I told ya, most of my pics are of Granny and Aims- and she can't even truly appreciate it since she doesn't have a computer.
One thing about this family- we make CUTE babies!
Austin trying to get Nikki wet- love his face here!

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