Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend- aka, playing with Bella :)

Ok, this post has a lot of pics, but there were just too many to choose from! And sadly, I only chose from the ones that had both Skylar and Bella in them! I will have to post another blog with pics from the rest of the fam, cuz I'm super excited about some of them!

One of the major reasons why Ken and I decided to pack up and move to Greensboro from Nashville last year was to be closer to family. I group up with all of my family in the same city and was very close to my cousins, so this post especially makes my heart glad! :)

Here are Austin, Bella and Skylar laying on Bella's bed together! Does Skylar look a little more excited than the rest of the group??
Jumpin' on the bed... Don't tell Mommy!
So cute! Bella and Skylar decided to lay down on the floor in front of a large pic of Aimee (no this is just a pic) and kept pointing to it, talking about it and giving her kisses! I can't wait for Aims to get a little bigger so she can run around with them too!
One of Sky's favorite games is to bring alot of toys over one at a time to uncle Joel (who is back in Nashville at school). So, her and Bella adapted this game for Daddy- you can tell how excited he is!
Eating lunch together at the little picnic table.
Swingin' on the swings- I love that this came out mostly in focus! Do you know how hard it is to get a good pick when she is on the swings!
Bella was a great slider! I would've gotten a pic of Sky coming off the slide, except she was not nearly as graceful...
Haha- too funny! Love the attitude!
Splashin' in the pool.

Sky is evidently a very bossy friend... She was constantly telling Bella what to do, including making her go put on a ring.
Pouring water from the pool into the sink in the playhouse.
Getting the water out of the pool.

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