Thursday, April 19, 2012


At Skylar's soccer game the other day, she scored her first goal! It was so unexpected, that I didn't even think to try to capture it on film, but I did get a few photos of her. This is her sitting on the team blanket. The boys in front were really excited to get their picture taken!
When it was her turn to play, Sophia and her started out by holding hands again, but with just a little direction, they were both off trying to kick the ball!
Here's Skylar getting ready to kick it off. She then followed the kick by chasing after the ball!
Look at my girl go! She did great, even after the taller dark-haired boy pushed her down once to get the ball. Yes, yes he is on her team. Sigh. They are so young to start that.

She was so proud of herself too!

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