Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lazy Spring

You can really tell that it is springtime around here.  There are buggies galore, the kids are loving riding their bikes in the street with our neighbor's kids, and I find little mushed up dandelion weeds in the bottom of the washer every time I wash a load of the kids clothes. 

Oh, and we seem to have a nest of birds living in the top of our chimney.  You can hear them flapping their wings against the spout and it makes a really loud vibrating sound.  Grey is terrified of that sound, but pretends to be a brave boy when he hears the birds chirping. As he inches closer to mama's lap. 

Skylar loves finding caterpillars and routinely I find them in my house.  She will tell me after the fact that she brought one in and put it in one of my plants so it could be her pet. I can't ever seem to find them on the plant though, but have found them (some dead and some alive) on the floor when I sweep.

 And this little guy was fun to see- this was a strawberry plant that I planted last year that never grew.  I have been a little lazy and just left the planter sitting on the porch all winter and guess who surprised us a few weeks ago!  Now, if only I knew what to do with it now…
Sometimes it does pay to be lazy!

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