Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A few random pics

Everyday after tubby-time, the kids like to run around in the towels to air dry. They run the length of the upstairs yelling in their best superhero voices with their "capes" on their heads. Part of the ritual includes running into the baby's room to check him out in the crib. And of course that leads to trying to climb into the crib with him. Which leads to swinging from the front of the crib while yelling, "hi baby Ves!"
Baby "ves" has dark blue eyes now… wonder what they will be later? "Ves" also has really sensitive skin apparently and breaks out like crazy when subjected to temps above 72.
Skylar and Grey both adore Wes and spend a lot of time during the day giving him kisses all over his face (might also be another culprit of his breakouts). Wes is okay with all this lovin' to a certain degree before he begins to yell at them.
It's almost like a challenge to each other- if one of them gives him a kiss, the other must immediately do the same or they lose that round. I think Wes prefers Skylar's kisses because Grey tends to use Wes' belly as prop when he goes in for the kiss (always on the lips) and Wes does not enjoy all that extra weight on his midsection.

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