Friday, April 20, 2012

Our garden

After our gardening adventures last summer, Skylar and I have been wanting to do a garden of our own.  However, we tried to plant a few things in the ground last year and they all died.  We have very little space that gets good sunlight thanks to all of the trees in our yard, and there is nothing but red clay there.  So, we got a raised garden system at Home Depot the other week and put it together.  

The kids had a blast playing in the dirt before we put the plants/seeds in.  Grey still asks to go outside in the dirt, just about everyday. 

When Grey saw this picture of himself, the started giggling and wanted me to show it to him over and over again.  He would laugh and say dirty hair time and again. 

Being new to this whole gardening thing, I wasn't sure what was the best way to grow things, so I got a couple of starter plants and a few packets of seeds.  Two of the three plants are still looking good and growing bigger.  One looks about dead.  Grey broke a few stems on it after we got it in the ground.

Skylar planted the carrots and she's really excited to see those grow.  Please, oh please, grow little carrots!

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