Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pinterest Love

A few weeks ago, a friend invited me to join Pinterest to gather ideas for a baby shower we are throwing together with two other friends in October. I'd heard about Pinterest for several months now and just never joined b/c I didn't want something else to take up any more of my time. I'm already addicted to blogs and facebook!

But, I joined. And, fell in love. Where have you been all my life Pinterest! It is the perfect place to store all of my ideas and inspirations for everything, in one place that is easily accessible!

One project I saw on Pinterest and loved was this:

Pickle jars and candle holders. I grabbed up some random candle holders last week at an area thrift store for about $1 each and spray painted them white. I also painted the tops of the pickle jars (also included: jelly jar and spaghetti jar) and scrubbed all of the sticky stuff off with some goo gone.
I think they came out great!

In other semi-related news… here are some ways that I have been displaying Skylar's art projects around the house in a less-disorderly way.
She made both the flowers in this picture, the one in the frame was actually a necklace for me she made on Mother's day last year.
And, sorry for the poor lighting, here are some more art projects on the top and some shots of the flowers and grass in our yard on the bottom for a bit of color in the kitchen.
And here is a wreath I finished over the summer to replace the one on our front door that had been hanging there since Christmas time…

I have a ton of ideas of craft projects and DIY projects to do around the house over the next few months and I am once again in the crafting spirit and ready to get my craft on!

Next up is a mason jar project I have in mind… :)

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