Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Evidently this past Saturday was the day for Church festivals. Skylar's preschool had a festival and so did a large church in Asheboro. We went to both! Throw in a yardsale and soccer practice and it was a busy, busy day.

After our yardsaling and first soccer practice, we headed over to Skylar's preschool for their festival. They had bouncies galore and Skylar was in heaven. Grey? Eh, I didn't think he had a horrible time, but the pictures say otherwise…

Look at the face!
Skylar enjoyed the bouncies and took us one-by-one through all of them. Love the look of concentration on her face here!
I mean, really, Grey? Really?

Actually, he gives us this look quite often. It means, watch out, 'cause I'm looking for something to get into...
Skylar was really excited about the big slide.
Until she tumbled head over heels a few times on the way down. I couldn't help but giggle as I rushed to her aide… all the while wondering if we were going to have to make another emergency room visit. Oh my.
Finally, a happy boy! Just give him some balloons!
So, we ate lunch there and headed home for some family nappage before heading out to Asheboro to meet my Mom, niece and nephews at our second church festival of the day. This was was over dinner-time and then they showed a movie on the lawn- "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." Actually, a pretty funny movie. I lol'd quite a few times.

They had bouncies there too, but Skylar was a bit timid after the slide incident and said that she would do the house, but not the big slide that made her go sideways. It was scary.

So, they played a little frisbee- Skylar was pretty good!
We might have to work on her form some though...
We ate to our heart's content with all the free food they had!

And then we rode the horse, which Skylar was very excited about. She keeps telling me that she wants two horses at her birthday party…
And then there was Charlie. The Mini horse who gave me a dazzling smile for the camera.

Thanks a bunch, Charles!

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