Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Bunkbeds!

So, yesterday, Ken and I were discussing what arrangements we would make when baby #3 comes along and decided that we would have to leave the baby stuff in Grey's room b/c the changing table system wouldn't fit in Skylar's room. And, Skylar and Grey will share a room until the baby is old enough to join whichever sibling is has more in common with… (genitalia-wise). So, we are going to leave the baby's room as is since we both love it. Score- nothing to do there!

However, we have a lot of work to do in Skylar's room. We debated about putting two small toddler beds in (two twin beds wouldn't fit) or getting them a bunkbed. We couldn't decide and didn't know how they would do safety-wise on a bunkbed, so we made a spur of the afternoon decision to drive down to Charlotte and visit Ikea so the kids could play all over the furniture there and pick out something for their room.

We came home with this:
Super-fun Ikea Kura Reversible bed!
We spent about 4 hours last night putting it together and Skylar was so excited to sleep in it for the first time. Tonight we are letting Skylar and Grey sleep in there together for the first time… or so time will tell. They have been in there giggling and running around for the last 30 minutes playing cowboy and cowgirl with little cowboy hats and stuffed horses.

Now, we have the bed and the bedding, so we have to figure out how to decorate the rest of the room. We will need to paint (the walls are purple with girly flower decorations) and pick out fabric for window treatments, etc.

And, we can change up the colors of the bed, tunnel and panels as well to match the new decor! So the question is: Do we want to go with a blue wall and red accents? Blue wall with yellow accents? Blue wall with orange accents? Or go with a completely different colored wall??

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What? Baby #3? Man I have GOT to pay attention!