Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's time for Socca, holla!

It's time for soccer! Skylar has been looking forward to playing soccer again all summer. We thought she might have to sit this season out with her leg, but she has managed to curb her limping unless she is really tired now.

We opted to stay with the younger group again this year as Skylar was a bit of a sideliner last season until the last couple of games. But, the rest of her team got moved up to the big leagues, so we are with an all-new team this year. And we are loving it!

Skylar has four other girls on her team and has really enjoyed playing with them. The kids are mostly go-getters and really go after the ball and kick it in the goal. Quite a few of them already have the skills to stop the opponents, take the ball away and turn it back up the field towards our goal. Its quite impressive.

We had our first game today and scored a bazillion goals. The other team only scored two… well, three if you count the one our team scored for them… :)

Skylar was hustling down the field and came really close to scoring her first goal! Next weeks practice: work on taking the ball away from the opponent. And not from your own teammate. Ah-hem,… boys.

Grey enjoyed it too. He keeps wanting to join in the team.

And there's me and Skylar. And Lil'pit.

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