Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last night at dinner, I had to run to the bathroom in the middle of it… the bathroom upstairs because the one downstairs and the kids bathroom were both out of toilet paper.

That's what happens when your hubby rearranges the closet for you and put the extra rolls of TP on the top shelf where you can't reach.

And then he goes out of town for a week.

Don't worry… I think we'll make it till he get back home on the one roll left. No napkins/paper towels or kleenex here! :)

But, while I was upstairs I heard some rather loud, raucous laughter downstairs. I knew it would be trouble.

This is what I found:
One of Grey's favorite things to do now is throw food when he is done so we usually take his plate away first. Then he spits whatever is in his mouth out and throws it, so he gets removed from the table.

Evidently the mice will play while Mama is in the other room. Do you notice the look of utter innocence on that face?!?

He even had the nerve to ask me for more spaghetti! See the perfect use of that sign below!
His other new favorite thing is to shake his head no if he doesn't want anything or to nod his head yes when he does. He does really big, exaggerated shakes and nods and even has to open his mouth while nodding. Very cute.

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