Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Badin Lake

Last weekend we went out to Badin Lake with some friends from our Sunday School class who graciously let everyone come out and enjoy their lake house for the day.

Skylar was not too excited about the lake water "'cause it's dirty" and has "crocodiles" in it… but she was excited to get on the boat… until we started leaving the dock and she wanted to go back! I think she actually enjoyed it though and said she would go back out on the boat if her friends went. And the boat didn't go too far away.
Grey loved the boat. And eating his life vest. Or maybe he was waiting for bugs.
At one point he fell asleep while sitting up on his knees looking out over the back of the boat. I noticed he was pretty heavy on my arm and looked down to see his head was flat out to the side. And he was drooling.
We went back up to the house and Skylar spent the day playing in a kiddie pool with her friends while Grey went around looking for balls. One of his favorite words now.
Did I mention that we are ready for football and basketball season to start??

Oh yea.

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