Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last day at Burmill for the summer :(

Yesterday, to continue my last few free days of summer fun, I met some of my family at Burmill pool again for swimming! My mom picked up Skylar and Grey and took them on while I had a meeting to attend and then I met them after lunch.
Skylar had the best time with Izzy and her other cousins, while Grey was a little more cautious of the colder water. He's used to it being in the upper 90s when we go to the pool!

By the time I arrived, he was almost ready for a nap, so we grabbed his "iwwow" (pillow) and headed out to get the stroller. He was asleep in about 5 minutes, but only slept for about 10 total… stinker.
You can see how happy he is about his "iwwow" here:
As soon as she is done swimming, Skylar has a bad habit of stripping down…
She was in a playful mood yesterday and was tickling Izzy with the leaf while I was trying to take their picture.
Goofy one and Goofy two: Skylar kept looking back and forth between the camera and Izzy to make sure she was looking and smiling.
Grey's favorite part about Burmill is this slide: you can see Skylar going down here:
Skylar stole Grey's sunglasses for some reason, but he was happy to rock out the Hannah Montana glasses.
Skylar and Izzy

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