Monday, August 15, 2011

NC Zoo

This is my last (partial) week of summer before school starts back up… waaa!
The whole working part-time during the summer is the pits. It makes the summer go by way too fast.

So, today, I took the kids to the big zoo and we spent the day gallivanting up and down hill country to see all the animals. Skylar was so excited and kept naming which animal she wanted to see next… typically the one farthest away from where we were. When I would say something like, "how about we see the gorillas on our way to the lions?", I'd get a big sigh and an "okayyy". Do I have a teenager already??

But we all had a blast and were exhausted by the end of the day. Luckily it was only about 85* today, and it actually felt great outside. Perfect day for the zoo. Now, if only my kiddos could walk the whole thing so I wouldn't have to push the Bob… but then how would I sneak my snacks in everywhere… hmm, dilemma.

First off, can someone please give me one of these?? I'm in love with this arrangement!
The black bears. The grizzlies were absent today.
Skylar's favorite today was the alligators, because they were so still. Maybe b/c she's been playing crocodile in the pool with her cousins lately?? Its my best guess.

Really Mr. Nik (Gorilla). What kind of a zoo do you think this is?
Well hello there, Mr. Giraffe.
It really was a great day to see the animals. All but the grizzlies were out in their habitats and many were active. We got to see the baby chimp up close by the glass; the uh-umm gorilla up close and personal; the giraffes and zebras were super close as were the elephants. The lion was MIA the first time we went by their place, but when we circled back around, the mane-man was lying in the grass and even gave us several extremely loud roars.

It was actually rather frightening… I had no idea they were so loud.

Grey's favorites were the monkeys. Which were really the gorillas and the chimps.

We haven't mastered our species lessons yet… but he has mastered the "ohh, ahhh, ahh, ahh" which he proudly displayed today. To Nik's heiny. Nik being the gorilla.

We learned so much today, and I'm sure everyone wants to know what questions Skylar asked me when we walked up to see Nik's.., uh-umm, nether regions, uh-umm, displayed so prominently today.. but I ain't tellin'.

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