Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gigi and Gpop come to visit!

We've been pretty busy this past week spending time at Nana's and Papa's house. Last Saturday, Ken's brother, Joel, called to say that he was in town for the week. So, we headed over for dinner and learned that Gigi and Gpop were also coming to town on Sunday for the week. We spent most evenings with them this week and Skylar and Grey (and Ken and I too, of course) have really enjoyed seeing everyone this week.

I'm not sure that Gigi and Gpop were aware of how much Skylar really enjoyed having them here this week as she isn't one to show a ton of affection to other people. It is one of the aspects of her personality that I wish she would outgrow, although I know it is part of what makes her her. But sometimes she can come off as rude or uncaring towards others and I pray it doesn't impede her relationships over the years.

Grey also enjoyed the past week, but was mainly too busy running in circles around the house to pay much attention to anyone, unless they had food.

Bill and Kristen came up at the end of the week and cooked an amazing dinner for everyone Friday night, so of course we had to take the opportunity for a family picture with everyone here at once. Now I wish I had changed out of my nasty work clothes beforehand...
Gigi and Gpop
Nana and Grey clapping at Papa's silliness trying to get Grey to smile :)
We started with Papa first and Grey was definitely in the mood to pose for a picture. Do you think he knows what a camera is yet?
Papa was playing and put a finger up to Grey's mouth which he immediately took a little nip of and thought, "this game is hilarious, let's do it again!" Here's his I'm gonna get you face as he is waiting for Papa to put a finger back up.
When Papa wouldn't cooperate, Grey showed him how it was done. "See, I can do two fingers!"

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