Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Madness

First off, I just want to say that Carolina beat Duke last night. So it is considered a good season for me at least, no matter what happens in the ACC or NCAA tournaments!

Now onto family business: Grey took about 10 steps yesterday at Nana and Papa's house! Completely unexpected and great! He was really steady when he took the steps. But, of course, he has flat-out refused to take any more since then. Every time we even hint at trying he goes all noodle-legs and falls to the floor. Little (big) lazy boy!

And, Skylar is now playing soccer! I am the new coach for her soccer team, The Galaxy, and she is one of four other girls on her ten-person team. We had our first practice last Thursday and she did ok. She was really whiny all day that day and it was really cold outside so that didn't help! Although she was actually playing around and kicking a ball up until practice actually started. We have one more practice this Thursday and then a game on Saturday... Hopefully we'll get some pictures or video at one of them!

A lot of things have been going on around here lately and we have had some ups and downs, so forgive the sporadic nature of the blog lately! I am currently working on some projects for my schools yearbook, which I am in charge of this year, as well as sewing some cloth diapers for Sweet Cheeks Diaper Kits. It really is March Madness around here.

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